Stam E212

Classic 2×12″ Tweed Combo

Custom handwired 22 Watt 2×12 combo based loosely on the Legendary ’55-’60 narrow panel 5E3 Tweed Deluxe but definitely not your grandfathers Tweed deluxe!

With more emphasis on the modern pedal platform, the Stami Twin is designed to take today’s modern pedal chains while maintaining its punch, clarity, and warmth. Classic cathode biased Class AB tube circuitry featuring balanced phase inverter, improved tone control, and shock mounted preamp tubes. Using only top quality components:

F&T filter capacitors, SoZo tone capacitors. Tweed over handcrafted 3/4″ solid pine cabinet with Oxblood grill cloth made to original specifications in the USA. Chromed steel chassis with CTS potentiometers and Switchcraft jacks. Top quality preamp, rectifier, and matched power tubes. Upgraded power and output transformers. Classic Jensen P12R Alnico and Celestion G12M Ceramic speakers for the perfect tonal compliment.

Custom finishes available upon request!

• Legendary 5E3 Circuit Design
• All Hand Wired to Turret Board
• Mic & Instrument Channels – 2 inputs each
• Individual Channel Volumes
• Master Tone Control
• Chicken Head Knobs w/ Glow-In-The-Dark Indicators
• Power and Standby Switch
• Chromed Steel Chassis
• Dogbone Handle
• 2×12 Combo
• 3/4″ Solid Pine Lacquered Tweed Cabinet
• Oxblood Grille Cloth
• Shock mounted Preamp tubes
• 2 x Apex Matched 6L6WGC Output Tubes
• 2 x 12AX7 Preamp tube
• 1 x GZ34 Rectifier Tube
• Aluminum Preamp Tube Shields
• Chrome Power and Rectifier Tube Clips
• Classic Jensen P12R and Celestion 25W Greenback 12″ Speakers
• 22 Watts Output Power

Limited Lifetime Warranty!
Made in the USA


Stami Twin
Stami Twin
Stami Twin | Inside
Stami Twin | Inside