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  1. Hi, Beautiful sexy amp !! How much do the amps weigh or did I miss it in the specs ? Do you EVER have a used amp for sale or know of one ?

    1. Hi Rusty,
      The Stam-F1 weighs in at 26lbs. and the Stam-E3 weighs in at about 38lbs. We do occasionally have have show, or B-Stock, amplifiers available.
      I will keep you in mind next time one comes up. They typically go for 20% off depending on condition. Are you interested in a specific model?

  2. Stami
    I have an AC30C2 and the connection from the chassis to the speakers is a twisted wire pair with spade connectors. It appears that I need a pair of jumpers with spade connectors on one end and a 1/4″ jack on the other to be able to utilize your device. Do you sell anything like this or do I need to make one?

    1. Hola Gio,
      Gracias por tu interés. Todos nuestros productos están hechos a mano en los Estados Unidos.

  3. Hi, wanted to see what attenuator you’d suggest for a VOX AC10C1. It’s a closed back, but I’m willing to solder and place a Jack plate on the back for two ¼” jacks. Thanks!

    1. I believe the Vox ac10c1 uses a Celestion VX10 16 Ohm speaker. So, any of my 16 Ohm attenuators will work great. The Black Bird 16 would be a great match. – Stami

  4. Are the Tweedy Bird and Black Bird both plug and play for a 65 Black Face Super Reverb? Is the only difference between the 2 aesthetics? Thank you!

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